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A media shooted RCA booth and had an interview with Dr. Dias Prinath (RCA Expert) at the RCA booth.Please follow the link towatch the video; http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/09/19/262532/iaeageneralconferenceexhibition/
Dear National RCA Representatives, Please find herewith copies of the Prospectus and the covering letter faxed to the National RCA Representatives and the Permanent Missions, inviting nominations for the above Regional Training Course. I would be grateful to you to take action to submit the nomi...
Dear National RCA Representatives, Some of you asked me to share the agreed timeline for project development, so I attach it herewith for your advance information and follow up. The rapporteurs will include the information in the meeting report. In addition, I have attached the RCA events in 2...
Dr. Chris Daughney has become the National RCA Representative ofNewZealandafter being recently appointed to the position of theDivision DirectorofGNS Science, National Isotope Center. He can be contacted at c.daughney@gns.cri.nz.(For more information; http://www.rcaro.org/states)
The background papers of the 41th RCA General Conference Meeting, scheduled to be held on 14September 2012 in Vienna, Austria, are available on the RCA website(http://www.rcaro.org/gcm/articles/view/tableid/gcm/id/2107). Please log-in to access those documents.