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(RAS7021) IAEA/RCA Regional Training Course on the analysis of marine radioactivity with application of radio-analytical procedures on environmental marine samples
Name : rcaro | Date : 2013.01.30 10:41 | Views : 1167

Dear National RCA Representatives and National Project Coordinators,


Please find herewith copies of the Prospectus and the covering letter inviting nominations for the above Regional Training Course. I would be grateful to you to take action to submit the nominations of persons suitable to attend this event in consultation with the National Project Coordinators of this project, on or before 25 January 2013.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Best regards,




Kesrat Sukasam

RCA Focal Person

Division for Asia and the Pacific

IAEA, Vienna

Tel: +43 1 2600 22396

Fax: + 43 1 26007




IP : 147.43.130.***
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