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Announcement of the 2013 RCARO Fellowship Programme
Name : rcaro | Date : 2013.01.31 17:04 | Views : 2243

Dear National RCA Representatives,


We are pleased to announce you the 2013 RCA Regional Office Fellowship Programme for inviting a total of 3 temporary staff for three-months (89days) respectively, so that they can have meaningful and valuable experience through the RCARO’s activities and make more effective contribution to the RCA. For this purpose, we hope that 2 appropriate candidate staffs can be recommended by each Member State to the RCARO. Staffs who have good oral and writing English skills with experiences in either International Relation or IT particularly related to the operation of homepage would be preferred.


Attached herewith, for your information, are the Terms and Conditions for the RCARO Temp Staff and the Application Form, which are also available at the RCA website (www.rcaro.org).


For necessary administrative arrangements, we would appreciate it very much if you could provide us at your earliest convenience, preferably by 28 February 2013, the filled-out application form of your nomination.


Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Best regards,



Jin Kyu LIM

Acting Director

RCA Regional Office

IP : 147.43.130.***
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