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IAEA Division Director for Physical and Chemical Sciences visited RCARO
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(2 Sep.04) Mr Natesan Ramanoorthy, Director, Division of Physical and ChemicalSciences, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications visited RCARO and exchanged views on mutual interest. Mr Thomas Mazour, Nuclear Power Engineer,Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy of IAEA accompanied. The two IAEA staff visited Korea for a mission to survey nuclear manpower training programme.
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(7 Mar 05) Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, RCARO delivered welcoming address at the opening of the IAEA/RCA Regional Training Course on "Tracing Future Sustainable Paths through Nuclear and Other Energy Options” that held on 7 March 2005 at INTEC, KAERI. At the two weeks acvitity, some 30 experts part...
(4 Mar. 05) Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, RCARO, welcomed students from the Member States who was admitted to the RCA-KAIST 2005 Spring Semester Courses. They are Mr Mike Fernandez from the Philippines, Mr Soe Min Aung from Myanmar, and Mr Udana Gnanarathna from Sri Lanka. The Courses began from 2 M...
(28 Feb. 05) RCARO had a progress review meeting with staff members of KIRAMS (Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences) and a representative from Hospital 103 in Hanoi, Viet Nam on 28 Feb. 05 at KIRAMS in Seoul. The Co-60 Radiotherapy equipment that RCARO and KIRAMS transferred to ...
(24 Feb. 05) Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, RCARO, hosted a dinner for the participants to the RCA RCA Final Progress Review Meeting of the Project on Application of Food Irradiation for Security Safety and Trade (RAS/5/042) at a restaurant in Daejeon. The meeting began from 21 Feb. for a week at KAE...
(21 FEb. 05) RCARO made a presentation on overview of IAEA/RCA programme and RCARO activities at the IAEA/RCA Final Progress Meeting of the Project on Application of Food Irradiation for Security Safety and Trade held at INTEC, KAERI, Daejeon, Korea.