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IAEA Division Director for Physical and Chemical Sciences visited RCARO
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(2 Sep.04) Mr Natesan Ramanoorthy, Director, Division of Physical and ChemicalSciences, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications visited RCARO and exchanged views on mutual interest. Mr Thomas Mazour, Nuclear Power Engineer,Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy of IAEA accompanied. The two IAEA staff visited Korea for a mission to survey nuclear manpower training programme.
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(9 Dec. 04) Mr Zhang Huazhu, Chairman of CAEA (Chinese Atomic Energy Authority)indicated at the 5th Meeting of ROK-PRC Joint Committee on Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy that China is willing to dispatch one Chinese cost-free expert to work at RCARO to demonstrate its support to RCARO. The Meetin...
(8 Dec. 04) Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, RCARO briefed on RCARO performance and future plan to Mr Yong-Hwan Kim, the new Director General of Atomic Energy Bureau of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on 8 Decmeber 2004. MOST is the host government's ministry responsible for RCARO. At the ...
(30 Nov. 04) Mr Jong-bae Choi, the National RCA Representative of Korea and Directorof Atomic Energy Cooperation Division, Atomic Energy Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology visited RCARO on 30 November 2004 and exchanged views on the future RCARO activities with Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, R...
(30 Nov. 04) Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, RCARO had a press conference with Daejeon science reporters at Daeduk Science Valley Press Club on 30 November 2004. The Director briefed on RCA and RCARO acitivities to the journalists and sought their support and understanding for enhanced regional nuc...
(29 Nov. 04)A delegation from BAPETEN led by Prof. Azhar Djaloeis, Chairman, visited RCARO on 29 November 2004 and exchanged views on RCA and RCARO activities with Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director of RCARO. BAPETEN is the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency of Indonesia.The 4-men BAPETEN delegation was brie...