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IAEA Division Director for Physical and Chemical Sciences visited RCARO
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(2 Sep.04) Mr Natesan Ramanoorthy, Director, Division of Physical and ChemicalSciences, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications visited RCARO and exchanged views on mutual interest. Mr Thomas Mazour, Nuclear Power Engineer,Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy of IAEA accompanied. The two IAEA staff visited Korea for a mission to survey nuclear manpower training programme.
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(03 Apr. 05) The 7th RCARO Advisory Committee (AC) meeting was held on 3 April 2005 at Grand Plaza Parkroyal hotel in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the 27th RCA NRM. AC Members attended were Mr John Easey (AUL), Mr Zhang Jing (CPR), Mr K. Raghuraman (IND), Ms Alumanda Dela Rosa (PHI), Mr Jong-...
(25 Mar. 05) Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, RCARO and the staff participated in the 5th Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in Asia and the Pacific (MCED) held in 24-29 March 2005 in Seoul, Korea. The UNESCAP organized conference simultaneously had various side events such as the Emi...
(23 Mar. 05) Project managers Meeting for 2005 RCARO Initiated Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme met on 23 March 2005 at RCARO and discussed on the implementation plans. In 2005, a total of 7 fellows have been accepted for a 6-month attachment programme atKAERI and KINS.
(22 Mar. 05) At the IAEA Regional Workshop on the Development of a Web-Portal for the ANENT (Asian Network fpr Education iin Nuclear Technology), RCARO made presentation on the overview of RCA, in partcular on the RCA information flow activities on 22 March 2005 that is presently held at INTEC of...
(8 Mar. 05) Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director, RCARO hosted a luncheon for the participants in the IAEA/RCA Regional Training Course on "Tracing Future Sustainable Paths through Nuclear and Other Energy Options” that began from 7 March 2005 at KAERI, Daejeon, Korea. At the luncheon, the RCARO Director rei...