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IAEA Division Director for Physical and Chemical Sciences visited RCARO
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(2 Sep.04) Mr Natesan Ramanoorthy, Director, Division of Physical and ChemicalSciences, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications visited RCARO and exchanged views on mutual interest. Mr Thomas Mazour, Nuclear Power Engineer,Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy of IAEA accompanied. The two IAEA staff visited Korea for a mission to survey nuclear manpower training programme.
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(14 Jun 05) In order to further identify RCARO's future roles and strategies, a 4-month consultancy contract was made between the Director of RCARO and Dr Carlito R Aleta, former IAEA/RCA Coordinator on 10 June 2005. Subject to the contract, the consultant (Dr C R Aleta) will submit a report on t...
(13 Jun 05) RCARO made a presentation on overview of IAEA/RCA programme and the RCARO activities at IAEA/RCA Regional Training Course on Molecular Marker Techniuqes for Mutant Characterization that is being held for 3 weeks beginning from 13 June 2005 at the National Institute of Crop Science, Ru...
(09 Jun 05) Mr Dae-Ki Kim, Administration Officer, RCARO participated in the UNDP/Korea National Project Training Workshop for 2 days from 9 June at Chehu Island. The Workshop highlighted UNDP Policy, Project Documentation, Budgetary Issues, etc.
(19 May 05) In line with the full operation of the RCARO after nearly 3 years of interim operation, RCARO renovated its homepage as of 19 May 2005 in order to increase better awareness of RCA to the RCA stakeholders and the general public as well. The new configurations of the RCARO homepage incl...
(05 May 05) All RCARO staff members enjoyed a day-off for spring refreshment at the Dae-doon Mountain nearby Daejeon. May 5 is the Children's Day in Korea, a national holiday. RCARO follows the practice of the host country that observes various sport events twice a year nationwide.