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IAEA Division Director for Physical and Chemical Sciences visited RCARO
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(2 Sep.04) Mr Natesan Ramanoorthy, Director, Division of Physical and ChemicalSciences, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications visited RCARO and exchanged views on mutual interest. Mr Thomas Mazour, Nuclear Power Engineer,Division of Nuclear Power, Department of Nuclear Energy of IAEA accompanied. The two IAEA staff visited Korea for a mission to survey nuclear manpower training programme.
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(29 Nov. 04)A delegation from BAPETEN led by Prof. Azhar Djaloeis, Chairman, visited RCARO on 29 November 2004 and exchanged views on RCA and RCARO activities with Mr Kun-Mo Choi, Director of RCARO. BAPETEN is the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency of Indonesia.The 4-men BAPETEN delegation was brie...
(26 Nov. 04) RCARO staff had RCA information campaign at the annual meeting of WIN (Women In Nuclear Global) local chapter on 26 November 2004. The meeting was held at KAERI, Daejeon with participation of some 100 Korean women nuclear scientists. At the meeting, RCARO staff who are at the same ...
(24 Nov 04) In an effort to increase awareness of RCA, RCARO made a presentation on RCA in general and RCARO activities as well to the 2004 Fall Semester students of RCA-KAIST Nuclear Engineering Master's Degree Course on 24 November 2004 at KAIST Seminar Room. Six students have been enrolled as ...
(17 Nov. 04) Recently, Mr Yong Hwan Kim was appointed as the Director General of Atomic Energy Bureau of Korean Ministry of Science and Technology. Mr Kim has served as the scientific attache to the Korean mission in Vienna during 2000-03. With this appointment, he resumed member of RCARO Directo...
(9 Nov. 04) RCARO made a presentation on RCA and RCARO activiites at the first International Workshop on Nuclear Technology for Managers jointely organized by KAERI and Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation. The Workshop opened on 9 Nov. 04 at KAERI's INTEC for 10 days. Participating...