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2021 RCA/KAERI Radiation Technology Training Programme






Dear National RCA Representatives,


It is my pleasure to inform you that the 2021 RCA/KAERI Radiation Technology Training Programme will be held on 1 to 12 November, 2021 via E-learning platform, and is now open for nominations to the Government Parties.


This training programme, conducted in cooperation with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), aims to introduce technical and practical knowledge regarding radiation policy & safety, research reactor technology, radiation technology and its applications etc. to the RCA GPs.


Upon receiving nominations from National RCA Representatives, two or three participants from each GP will be selected based on their capability to utilize the knowledge gained from the training programme. In this respect, it is cordially requested that you send us the list of nominees in a priority order.


Given the time constraints for logistic arrangements, it is strongly encouraged that you send us the completed application form no later than 5 October, 2021 to the RCARO by e-mail at rcaapply@rcaro.org or by fax +82 42 864 1626.


Please refer to the enclosed prospectus and the RCARO website (http://www.rcaro.org) for detailed information.


I look forward to receiving your nominations.




  1. Prospectus
  2. Nomination form



Sincerely Yours,


Pill-Hwan Park


RCA Regional Office



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