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Report of Small Group Meeting, MAL RTW
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RCA-UNDP Post-Tsunami
Environment Impact Assessment Project

Small Meeting Report

A meeting by the major Project Stakeholders of the Project was held in Crown Princess Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the afternoon of February 8, 2007, just after the closing of the RCA-UNDP Regional Training Workshop, to review the 2006 achievements and to discuss future activities, in particular the 2007 works. The Meeting was attended by PLCC, APLCC, OLCCs and the NPCs from MAL, as the Workshop Director. Observers were representatives from THA, CPR, NZE, PAK and others (Annex 1-List of Participants).

The Meeting adopted the Agenda prepared by PLCC. Related project documents have been circulated before The Meeting. The recommendations that have been agreed upon were as follows:

1. The Meeting reconfirmed that reporting of the progresses and work plans are mandatory. The Meeting reiterated that the NPCs are obliged to submit Project Progress Report every quarter to PLCC/APLCC. The PLCC/APLCC, after reviewing the reports, integrates them and convey to the NPD (RCARO) for final submission to UNDP. The Meeting also agreed to submit technical reports by the NPCs every six months (end of June and December) to PLCC/APLCC through OLCCs.

2. Participating MSs are strongly encouraged to communicate with their respective OLCCs (cc: PLCC/APLCC and RCARO) when requesting budget allocation for activities such as procurement of SRMs, radiotracers, corers, sampling works, etc. The related OLCCs then should convey the request to PLCC/APLCC for consideration.

3. The Regional Resource units (RRUs) that have already been designated by the RCA should further be identified for effective use by the participating Member States of the Project. The RCARO will circulate a list of RCA RRUs for reference by the participating Member States of the Project. Additional RRUs also have been identified during the Regional Training Workshop, particularly for analysis services, such as NZE.

4. Corer procurement priority was given to IND, INS, MAL, SRL and THA. It is noted that due to limited fund, priority has been given to those countries hardest hit by the tsunami. Consideration would also be given to BGD, CPR, PAK, and PHI if additional fund are available.

5. The Meeting also strongly requested RCARO/UNDP to revisit the 2007 budget (e.g. cost for SRMs or radiotracers and other project activities) for possible reallocate to other activities, in particular for procurement of core samplers.

6. The Meeting recommended that budget for sampling works for 2008 would be reallocated to 2007 so that more countries can be supported for the works. Allocation of budget for Sampling Works is recommended to provide for INS, PAK, PHI and THA.

7. The 2007 International Consultant budget (US$ 8,000) is recommended to be transferred to 2008 Work Plan (Activity 2 ? Sediment).

8. The Meeting recommended a possible supply of Zn-65 to those countries needed from IND and INS.

9. RCARO will explore possibilities of securing funds for the transport of samples to MSs.

10. THA recommended to have the Project Review Meeting (PRM) in THA in late September 2007. The Meeting agreed to have the PRM in late September or early in October in THA in order to give more time for implementing the project. (It was originally agreed that the PRM be held in June 2007 in Phuket by the 2006 Kick-Off Meeting in Jakarta, INS).
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Dr Zainal Abidin



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