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Regional Workshop on Production and Supply of Radioisotopes 9-13 June 2003, Jakarta, Indonesia






IAEA/RCA Regional Workshop on Production and Supply of Radioisotopes (RI) will be held in 9-13 June 2003 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The purpose of the Workshop is to promote and facilitate understanding and cooperation among the RCA Member States in the production and supply of radioisotopes, e.g., quality standards, packaging and transportation, standards of calibration of instruments, and regulations.

Production and supply of radioisotopes was recommended as priority area under the RCA project on Improvement of Research Reactor Operation and Utilization in which Korea is the Lead Country. At the previous meeting, the participating RCA Member States in this project agreed on the need of RI back up supply in the region and a communication channel led by Indonesia was established to discuss future cooperation. At this Workshop, detailed discussion on a more stable supply of RI will be made.


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