Success Story

The RCA has accumulated outcomes from its projects conducted over several decades, mainly by the application of radiation and radioisotope technologies. In order to increase the awareness of the outcomes from RCA projects, RCARO has published Success Stories in various areas.

The sixth batch Includes 2 Success Stories on
  • Improving Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology Services in the Region through E-education

  • Enhancing the Regional Capability in using Innovative Radiotracer and Sealed Source Techniques for Investigation of Complex Industrial Systems

The fifth batch includes 3 Success Stories on
  • Establishing_Benchmark for Assessing Nuclear Impact on Marine Environment

  • Feeding the Region in the Future_Food Safety and Security boosted by Novel Nuclear Applications

  • Building Self_sustainability and Self_Reliance in Radiation Protection Infrastructures

The fourth batch includes 2 Success Stories on
  • Mitigating Coastal Impacts of Tsunami : the Role of Nuclear Technology

  • RCA Success Story -Improving the Quality of Radiotherapy in the Asia Pacific Region

The third batch includes 5 Success Stories on
  • Improving Livestock Productivity while Conserving the Environment

  • Enhanced Energy Analysis and Planning Capabilities

  • Combating Soil Erosion-Caused Land Degradation in the Asia and the Pacific Region

  • RCA Innovation Supporting Regional Chemical, Petrochemical and Petroleum Industries

  • RCA Success Story -Combating Soil Erosion-Caused Land Degradation in the Asia and the Pacific Region

The second batch includes 4 Success Stories on
  • Harnessing energy from the heart of the earth

  • Cultivating better crops for sustainable agriculture

  • Strengthening skills in NDT for regional industry

  • Turning the tide against marine pollution

The first batch includes 5 Success Stories on
  • Isotope hydrology helps find water fit to drink

  • Nuclear analysis of airborne particles provides a key to alleviating air pollution

  • New materials from natural polymers: using nuclear technology to improve Nature's gifts

  • Distance assisted training' strengthens Regional skills in nuclear medicine

  • Restoring health and saving lives: global benefits from RCA's trail blazing

Guidelines for
RCA Success Stories
  • Guidelines for RCA Success Stories.doc( 41KB)