Project Title:

Promoting and Accelerating Nuclear SPECT/PET Imaging Technologies in the Region


The objective of this project is to raise the level of knowledge, technology and capability of human resources for nuclear medicine imaging in the Asia and the Pacific region through the application of SPECT and PET imaging and setting up practical courses as well as establishing networks of experts which will lead to fostering the capability of imaging application. Particularly, the project will contribute; 1) to the immediate impact on the management of patients with oncologic and neurologic disorders; 2) to the reduced total costs of health care services in the region; 3) to the augmentation of basic science and technology for clinical applications and maximized use of imaging devices and facilities; 4) to the creation of opportunities to widen boundaries of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.
This project conforms to the key thrusts of implementation of four MDG goals, namely Goal 4, Goal5, and Goal 6.

Project Duration

December 2010 - December 2013


  • Enhancement of basic capacity of SPECT/PET imaging science and technology
  • Facilitation of Nuclear imaging-training including radiochemistry and medical physics
  • Establishing network of experts and facilities for nuclear imaging technologies

Management Organization

UNDP Office in New York, U.S.A. and RCA Regional Office

Participating Government Parties

Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

  • Lead Country Coordinator:
    Dr. Sang Eun Kim, Department of Nuclear Medicine of Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

Final report